January 2021 Calendar

January 2021 Calendar – For Daily Activities

January is the first month of the year that consists of thirty-one days. The January 2021 calendar is a must-have for everyone. It is essential for making sure that all your daily activities during the whole month are carried out perfectly. January is named after the two-faced Roman God Janus who was the doorkeeper of heaven. He was the one responsible for the beginning of all new work as well as the guardian of the new year fortunes. The consecration of the month used to take place by offering new wine, salt, and frankincense meal.

January 2021 Calendar

January 2021 Calendar with Holidays

January 2021 Calendar January Calendar 2021 2021 Calendar January Calendar January 2021

The month was named the wulf month by the Anglo-Saxons due to the fact that in this month wolves came into the villages because they were hungry. This is the reason the full moon of the month is known as the wolf moon. The main festivals of this month are new year’s day, the conversion of Saint Paul, Epiphany, Twelfth day, and the feast of circumcision. All these festivals and significant days can be easily marked on the January calendar of 2021. The feast of the circumcision of Christ is celebrated by the Christian world eight days after Christmas on the day he was formally given a name.

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Epiphany is celebrated by Christians as the revelation of God as  Jesus Christ. It is also called the three kings day or the little Christmas. The traditional day of the feast is on January 6th, however, in some eastern churches, it is observed on January 19th. The eve of the festival is celebrated as the twelfth night and Monday after Epiphany is the Plough Monday.

The birthstone of the month is garnet and the birth flower is Galanthus or  Cottage pink. The zodiac signs for the month are  Aquarius and Capricorn. The Month of January is observed significantly in different countries of the world. In the USA it is observed as the  National national weight awareness month and National  Mentoring Month. In Finnish, the month literally means Oak moon. The month of tammikuu means the heart of winter in Finnish.

All the special days and feasts should be marked clearly on the calendar so that the days can be celebrated with family and friends. The marking would also enable you to remember these significant dates so that your professional life does not overlap with your personal celebrations. The excel sheets can be downloaded and there is enough space to make notes at the bottom. The printable calendar is essential to have to be for everyone to remember all their commitments.

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